MAYA creates your Editorial Strategy.

We translate your brand platform into a truly sustainable voice. Our unique editorial and journalistic skills help your brand becoming a real editorial media.

Ticking all the boxes for your comms and marketing strategy: Social media, SEO, E-commerce, CRM, PR, etc.



MAYA is a global network of over 500 journalists, video reporters, artistic directors, motion designers, editors and all the talents needed to produce the right content in the right format for the right target… distributed through the rights channels!


The world, and particularly the digital world, are constantly evolving. Choosing MAYA also means enabling your company to adapt in real time to new trends and formats.

Our team of experts is constantly on the lookout, not only to advise you, but also to produce all the formats of the moment: video reports, shorts, stories, documentaries, podcasts…



MAYA produces editorial content all over the world.

Once your strategy has been defined, MAYA sets up an editorial team of experts dedicated to your topics, and produces the content needed to interest your clients, partners or potential clients in all the countries you’re targeting.

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